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About Us



Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world; feed the poor and do good works to show the love of God to a troubled world;  help others to come to know and serve Him and partake of His goodness through efforts of evangelism, preaching, teaching, food distribution and other outreach ministries.



Weekly Services

  • Sunday Worship 11am

  • Monday Night Prayer at 7pm

  • Wednesday Men’s and Women’s Fellowship at 7pm

(call and inquire about locations for Wednesday Fellowship)


Hope Restoration Church has flourished under the leadership of Pastor Clifford Cool since 1992.  Since then, not only has it grown in strength, numbers and purpose, but it’s ministries have expanded into the community.  The Windham Community Food Pantry became a building of it’s own in 2007, and now supports more than 350 families on the mountaintop.  This year marks the fourth annual Women’s Conference, hosted by Hope Restoration, and promises to be the best one yet.  This summer, Hope Restoration takes it’s services under the tent, on Route 296, in the town of Windham, bringing with it more activities and fellowship than in past years.  We look forward to seeing you and sharing Jesus with you!


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